St. Mary Grade School opened its doors, at this location in Hyde Park, in 1908 with 100 students. I'm sure that those dedicated Sisters of Charity would be amazed to visit our campus today.

Even with our modernization, we are still a parish school family who prays and learns together. I invite all of you to come and feel the wonderful climate of engaging academic excellence and "Love Spoken Here" in action. We aren't just three-time winners of the National School of Excellence Blue Ribbon Awards by accident! We show our quality from the inside out daily within our school and the larger community.

Yours in Christ,
Marianne Rosemond
Principal of St. Mary School 

National Distinguished Principal Award Recipient

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To Educate, Inspire & Energize Children with an Emphasis on Catholic Faith, Academic Excellence and a Commitment
to Service.


"Love Spoken Here"

2017-2018 School Theme