School Closing Communication Procedure

School Snow Closing/Delay Communications

Information regarding a change in the start of our school day due to inclement weather will be communicated to you by:
  • Email
  • School App notification
  • We will also post the information to Facebook. 

Don’t forget to check the status more than once in the morning because sometimes a delay might change to closed.

If inclement weather begins during the school day, resulting in an early dismissal, bus riders will need to have prior permission on file or that day by phone to take the bus home at an earlier than normal time.  This is to ensure that someone is aware of the change and no one is left outside or unsupervised.  We will communicate in the same methods mentioned above for any early dismissals.
For the free download of our school app to your device you can find us in the App Store and Google Play under St. Mary School Cincinnati.