Registration and Admission Process

All children must be registered prior to attending school. Application for admission to any grade at St. Mary School may be made at ANY TIME for future school years. The administration reserves the right to make admission decisions that are in the best interest of the school, the current students, and the student making application.

No student will be excluded from St. Mary School solely because of race, color, national origin or ancestry.

Generally, St. Mary School admits children on a first-come basis, in the following priority order:

  • Children from families who are registered and actively participating for at least six months in St Mary Parish.
  • Children from families, who have changed residence and were active, registered participants in another Catholic parish.
  • Children from families who have been registered in St. Mary Parish but not actively participating for at least six months and children from Catholic families outside the parish.
  • Children from non-Catholic families.

Students applying for admission will be given priority in each category if they have siblings already attending St. Mary School and according to the date they apply for admission.
If a family’s tuition payments are not current for students presently enrolled in St. Mary School, or any other school, and parents have not made satisfactory arrangements, students will forfeit their priority in registration.

*The above categories apply to families at the time of registration.

DEADLINE: We encourage families to register as soon as you decide to send your children to St. Mary School. St. Mary parishioners and families with children attending St. Mary School will receive priority consideration for available class openings until December 1. After December 1 children in all categories will be considered on a first-come basis from their date of registration until classes reach capacity.

St. Mary School Registration Form for NEW Students Here

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