Call Marianne: Our principal, Marianne Rosemond, takes great pride in sharing the school with new families. Call her anytime at 321-0703.

Take a tour: Call us at 321-0703 to schedule a visit to our classrooms.

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Fax: 513-533-5517
Hotline with daily information: 513-533-5527
Email: Email Us for general information
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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Phone: 513-321-1207
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School Staff
To reach a teacher voicemail dial 533-5527 followed by their extension.

Teacher & School Links

Grade Name  Teacher Webpage Voice Mail E-mail
Kindergarten Jen Reker-Murphy Website Link 8241
Kindergarten Julie Dorr Website Link 8368
Grade 1 Jeanne Wilkens Website Link 8248
Grade 1 Suzanne Doyle Website Link 8189
Grade 2 Jeanne Collins Website Link 8289
Grade 2 Carolann Nicholson Website Link 8292
Grade 3 Caroline Bruce Website Link 8086
Grade 3 Donna Schafer Website Link 8191
Grade 4 Desiree Matheny Website Link 8262
Grade 4 Sue Hotze Website Link 8020
Grade 5 Ashley Gabriel Website Link 8302
Grade 5 Rita Miller Website Link 8246
Junior High        
Grade 6 Brian Geeding Website Link  8366
Grade 6 Pam Pompelia Website Link 8353
Grade 7 Sean Laudeman Website Link 8303
Grade 7 Meghan Cassady Website Link 8312
Grade 8 Kate Grimm Website Link 8190
Grade 8 Jennifer Moody Website Link 8266
Math Cathy Venezia Website Link
Technology Coordinator Ann Buehler Website Link 8318
Technology Kathy Greiner Website Link 8370
Art Janet Gorman Website Link 8011
Music Zac Mills Website Link 8010
Physical Education Lindsey Steuer Website Link 8013
Spanish Leah Scandy Website Link 8354
Librarian Sandie McIntosh   9026
 School Psychologist Myra Thomas 
Intervention Specialist Cathy Shannon
Speech Language Pathologist Elaine Bishop
Reading Specialist  Jane Ursic
Math Specialist Cathy Venezia
Principal Marianne Rosemond   5515
Development Beth Mock   9005
Admin. Assistant Lisa Koslovksy   5512
School Nurse Beth Mannix   9518


Parish Staff Links

  Name  Phone E-mail
Pastor Fr. Ken Schartz 321-1207 ext. 5501
School Principal Marianne Rosemond 321-0703 ext. 5515
Deacon Deacon Tim Helmick 321-1207
Deacon Deacon John Schuler 321-1207
Parish Secretary Connie Erdmann 321-1207 ext. 5511
Parish Administrator Jeff Rinear 321-0703 ext. 5502
Pastoral Associate Margaret Shank 533-5521
Director of Music and Liturgy Katie Barton 533-5525
Director of Religious Education Michele Carle-Bosch 321-1207  ext. 5533
Communications Beth Mock 321-0703 ext. 9005
Volunteer Coordinator Laura Nickol 533-5510