The Lands’ End School online catalog is one option to outfit your children with St. Mary School uniforms.  Please select items in accordance to our uniform policy. 

St. Mary School PTO earns up to 3% of sales when purchasing school uniforms through Lands’ End using our Preferred School Code # 900096009.

  • All students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately at all times – even on out-of-uniform days. Neat and appropriate appearance includes, but is not limited to cleanliness, good repair, free from holes, size of clothes and modesty, as well as logos, graphics or messages printed on clothes.

  • Uniform shorts and skirts must come TO THE KNEE. Out-of-uniform shorts and skirts must reach further on the student’s leg than the fingertips of his/her extended arm. Uniform and out-of-uniform slacks, shorts and skirts may not hang below the waist or be rolled at the waist. Undergarments and midriffs may not show at any time.

  • For health and safety, socks or tights are to be worn. Girls may wear white, navy, or black ankle/athletic socks, white, black or navy opaque tights, or white knee socks. Footless tights may be worn. Boys may wear white, navy or black ankle/athletic socks or dress socks. Shoes with low heels and closed toes must be worn at all times. Sandals, crocs, and clogs are not allowed. Boots may be worn beginning on November 1 but not after April 1 of a school year.

  • Girls will wear the uniform plaid jumper or skirt/skorts (Grades 6, 7, 8) TO THE KNEE. Socks, tights, and leg wear worn under the uniform must be white, navy blue or black. Pants may not be worn under the uniform during the school day.

  • Uniform pants worn by male and female students must be navy blue DRESS PANTS with NO rivets or patch pockets. Capri pants and stretch knit pants are not permitted. Jeans, any style, are prohibited.

  • Navy blue DRESS SHORTS worn TO THE KNEE are acceptable before Nov 1 and after April 1.

  • White uniform shirts worn by female students are dress shirts or one of the approved soft knit shirts with a St. Mary logo. These soft knit shirts must have the SMS logo and can be purchased through approved vendors. Dress shirt collar may be monogrammed with SMS in navy. Collars should be free of ruffles. Junior High girls may wear green or white uniform shirts purchased through school or approved vendors. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times, unless the banded style is purchased. Only the top button may be open.

  • White uniform shirts worn by male students are approved soft knit shirts with a St. Mary logo. These soft knit shirts must be purchased through school and must have the SMS logo. Junior High males may wear green or white uniform shirts purchased through school or approved vendors. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Only the top button may be open.

  • Uniform fleece vests or half-zip tops may be worn in place of a sweater or sweatshirt. These may be purchased through Lands End and have the St. Mary School logo. All students may wear navy. Junior High students may wear dark green. A uniform shirt must be worn under the fleece.

  • Uniform sweatshirts must be one of the approved uniform sweatshirts with the St. Mary logo, NOT a “Spirit Wear” or “Cougar Gear” sweatshirt. Sweaters must be plain navy blue cardigan style with no hood, decorations or ruffles. The logo is not required; if any monogram is to adorn the sweater it is to be SMS or St. Mary School stitched in white. A uniform shirt must be worn under the uniform sweatshirt/sweater. White turtleneck sweaters may be worn UNDER the required uniform shirts. T-shirts worn under the uniform shirt must be plain white and no graphics may show through.

  • Both boys and girls must wear a belt with shorts or pants in Grades 3-8. Girls may opt to wear the uniform plaid ribbon belt available through Lands End. Other styles may not be worn.

  • Hair styles for boys and girls are to be neat and well kept. Hair must not cover the eyes.

  • Make up is to be modest and natural and may be worn by Junior High girls only.

  • Jewelry is to be minimal and modest. Earrings should be no larger than a dime and only one per ear. Large hoops or dangling earrings are prohibited. One bracelet per wrist and no more than one chain length necklace should be worn. Body piercing and tattoos are not permitted.

ON P.E. DAYS all students must wear gym shoes. Shorts, slacks, or sweatpants must be worn.

Once a month, and on other special days which will be announced, Spirit Wear, Cougar Gear and sports uniforms may be worn. Students may wear a designated shirt in place of the uniform shirt. Pajama pants may not be worn. Sweatpants may be worn under the uniform jumpers or skirts, or on their own during P. E. classes. The sweatpants may be worn on either Spirit Days or out-of-uniform days.

St. Mary School Hyde Park-spiritwear

Students must observe school guidelines for clean, neat and modest attire when they are “out of uniform.” Some examples of current fashion trends which are NOT acceptable include but are not limited to waistbands hanging low on the hips, writing on the rear, hats, clothing with cuts or holes, tank tops or camisoles with spaghetti straps, any clothing that reveals undergarments or midriffs and basketball shirts without a shirt underneath, yoga pants and leggings may not be worn.  Shorts  may  not  be  worn  from  Nov. 1 to April 1.  When shorts are worn they must reach further than the fingertips of his/her extended arm.

Parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing to students who fail to follow this policy. Teachers may ask students to remove or change anything that they find distracting or disturbing to others. Parents will be notified if students repeatedly disregard the school’s dress code. Students will receive a DT and be restricted from attending classes until they change into appropriate dress.